I write and direct short films.

The most recent one is a mini Blade Runner (1982) sequel titled “Persōna”.

With 60+ people involved across 6 locations, it was my largest production so far. Here’s the trailer:


Here, we were shooting underground at Urbane Nachbarschaft Samtweberei in Krefeld with about 20 extras. Operating the camera, it’s Lukas Spijkermans of Bildmühle, the hard‐working DOP on this project.

You’ll find more on my Vimeo soon. The only bottleneck on how many films I’ll make is how much time I take for my other work.


I host KOPFKINO, a monthly evening on filmmaking, at designkrefeld.

How are films developed and put together? How do filmmakers think? I pass on what I’ve come across so far, illustrating film theory with example clips from Genius to Grotesque.

Entry is free for students, it’s open‐ended, there’s popcorn and beer. I’ve been told both the total newcomers and the more advanced students get something out if it…

After each 40‐minute program, I interview an active filmmaker of the faculty, introducing them to about 50 guests.



Visual impressions of past projects

In Verso (2016) was my very first short.


After my artist residency at Turtle Filmfest Hólmavík in Iceland in the summer of 2015, I edited this reconstruction of countryside memories:

Testing the faculty’s new equipment, I found myself making a spoken‐poem‐video:


I’m now looking to make music videos.

There’s one great artist I have wanted to work with (music recommendation right there).

But maybe it won’t happen, so I’m open to a good match. If I love your music and find you promising, I’ll consider doing the first project for free.

If you’re interested, say Hi.