I am a creative from Krefeld, Germany. I currently study social & communication design at designkrefeld. (You can find more info about me on LinkedIn.)

Currently I spend most of my time with three projects:

  1. A website that presents the understanding of the ecological limits of global material growth accessibly and understandably – so that economic system change is finally recognized as urgently needed by more people.

    Who’s behind it: me, in loose cooperation with various system and economic researchers.

  2. A decentralized service (as an app/program) that enables private individuals to recover their personal data from companies, own, control, understand and, if they wish, even for their own profit, to companies, organizations and research institutions under current EU data protection law (EUGDPR) sell (or donate) that they really agree with. I lead communications and recently directed the crowdfunding video.

    Who’s behind it: Mitzi László and the data rights think tank Innit from Amsterdam, for the common good instead of profits. Go check out ownyourdata.xyz

  3. A short film based on “Blade Runner” (1982):
    Berlin, August 2020, it’s cold. “J,” a Nexus‐6 replicant, escaped enslavement in the Offworld colonies in the second mutiny. She is hunted, goes underground in search of answers, and wrestles with her humanity.

    Who’s behind it: Lukas Spijkermans from Bildmühle as DP, Roxane Josten as organizer and life saver, Laura Karsten as lead actress, countless (… about forty) friends and fellow students as extras and myself as writer and director.

What else? I have written poetry and short stories, made some short films, a book about worries and art, an article on political corruption in Spain, paintings, and I narrate in friends’ video projects. I like purposeful productions and strong things that reasonably try to make the world better.

In 2015, I was artist in residence at a strange film festival in Iceland. That was great. Sometimes, I post writings and images on my blog, The Spark. (Both there, and here on my site, I write predominantly in German.)

Check out what I’m doing now!